What Should You Bring to Have Your Tax Return Prepared?

The Internal Revenue Service today announced Monday, January 23, 2023, as the beginning of the nation's 2023 tax season. What information should you provide to have your tax return prepared? What are the filing deadlines for 2023 tax season?

IRS News - Good News, Bad News, Audit News

The latest news from the IRS: the news that affect all of us. It is better to be ready than sorry.

Yes, Action Might be Required Because of Form 1099-K New Regulations

New regulations regarding Form 1099-K might have changed the strategy on when to file your taxes. Even if you do not know what Form 1099-K is, it might be worth to continue reading.

Are you in For a Big Surprise with Gift Taxes? Acting Now Might Save You a Lot.

It might be the right time to review your strategy of wealth transfer to the next generation. When the laws change IRS will be powerless to approach individuals who took advantage of pre-2026 gifting laws.

IRS News: More Audits Are Coming

Will additional $80 billion funding to IRS spur more audits? Do you belong to an audit exempt group?

Optimize Your 2022 Tax Strategy with Tax Loss Harvesting

Do you have realized capital gains? A simple year-end strategy can drastically decrease or completely eliminate taxes owed on that gain. It is really worth looking into.

How Much Does It Cost to Charge Your Smartphone for a Year

Do you know how much it costs to charge your smart phone for a year? Have you heard about one of the latest tricks disclosed by IRS to swindle you out of your money? Interested? Then please follow the link.

Have You Heard from the IRS Lately?

The IRS is going to receive $80 billion from the Congress. $45.5 billion has been allocate to enforcement. How will it affect you?

Are you taking advantage of all deduction in real estate? I bet not really.

ABC of real estate investments: The Tax Perspective.